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Foods you can add to your diet to easily improve your daily water intake Posted On 05 July 2022

Just a few changes can be made to drastically help you keep on top of your water


Dehydration can lead to serious health implications for anyone.

When our bodies are losing more fluids that we are actually taking in, we can be left feeling thirsty, lightheaded, tired and dizzy.

Many of us may forget to drink as much as we should, leading to dehydration.


How much should you be drinking a day?


The NHS suggests drinks six to eight cups or glasses of fluid each day, ideally being water, lower-fat milk and sugar-free drinks to ensure we are taking in as much water as we can.

This may actually seem like quite a lot of drinking for those for who sometimes go hours on end without drinking, simply because they forget to.


Tips to improve how much water you are drinking during the day


Try to keep track of what you are drinking and set yourself conscious goals of how much water you need to drink by certain points in your day.

Many water bottles can even be purchased these days which have physical markers on them detailing the time at which you should drink and how much can be consumed to keep you on track.

You can even set specific reminders on your phone to flash up at certain points throughout the day and give you a nudge to go and have a drink.

If you are drinking plenty but still feel hydrated, consider swapping some of the fizzy drinks and fruit juices for just plain glasses of water.


Foods that are water-rich can help keep you hydrated


To help keep up with the amount of water you are consuming, you may even consider introducing various foods to your diet that are water-rich.

Various fruits and vegetables are particularly very rich in water content.

Sweet treats like chunks of watermelon, strawberries, peaches and oranges all have a high amount of water contents and when eaten in moderation can help your water intake.

Vegetables like lettuce and cucumber similarly contain a lot of fluid so will help to keep you hydrated.

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