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Automise your home with these clever smart home tricks Posted On 30 November 2022

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can change your life


Smart home technology can transport your property into the future.

Devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are consumer favourites these days and many of us will have them in our homes.

However, some may not use these devices to their full capabilities and explore the full possibilities of automation they can bring to your home.

By simply investing in some smart light bulbs or a thermostat which links to the system, you can completely change how you run your home on a day-to-day basis.


Set up routines


Most devices have the ability to set up routines, which will carry out a series of actions each day.

For example, you could set that at a certain time, your home’s heating either switches on or off, using a smart thermostat, while certain lights, using smart bulbs, will come on downstairs and music can start playing on your smart home device in your bedroom to wake you up.

Accompanying apps for your respective smart home device will provide guidance on how to easily set up and personalise your own routine.


Link devices and name them correctly


You can rename certain objects in your home and assign them to set rooms.

For example, if you have two hanging lights and a lamp in your lounge area which all have smart bulbs, you can assign them to a “lounge” grouping.

Now, when you ask your device to turn on lounge lights, then all of these bulbs will turn on at once.

To go one step further, you can assign different names to the lamp and the hanging lights, so you can request for just the lamp or hanging lights to come on. 

You can then set a routine that when you ask for the lamp to be switched on, the main lights then go off, to save energy.


To do this, simply set up a routine to turn on bulb X and turn on bulb Y, when you say a certain command.

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